Excessive sweating treatment

Embarrassed by excess sweating?

Hyperhidrosis   More commonly known as excessive sweating can be an issue that can cause all number of personal issues. Hyperhidrosis, although common it is still quite the nuisance for many.   Hyperhidrosis can impact your decision in outfits and colours to avoid embarrassment,. Even things such as job interviews, important presentations and momentous occasions… Read more »

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Lets talk about cellulite

Everything you need to know about cellulite; what it looks like, what causes it and how we can improve the appearance/break it down.

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Kerastem hair loss treatment for women

Kerastem hair loss treatment which involves using fat grafting and injection of regenerative cells is an exciting advance in hair restoration treatment.

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Mr Banwell demonstrating the weight difference between B-Lite implants and traditional implants

B-Lite breast implants FIQ’s

B-Lite breast implants are the newest technology of lightweight implants. But what does that mean?… One of our most frequently asked questions surrounding B-Lite implants.

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