The Banwell Clinic & COVID

We are delighted to say that after 3 months of being closed due to COVID-19, we are now re-opening The Banwell Clinic on 15th June in London, Harley Street. Our Headquarters in East Grinstead will also re-open as soon as we are able.

In light of all the issues with COVID, and as we are sure you can understand, we have had to take significant steps to maximise and ensure your safety (and indeed the safety of our staff). These have been implemented specifically by the CQC-regulated establishments where Mr Banwell and his Team provide care.

On-line Video Consultations

On-line video consultation have now become the gold standard when assessing patients for the first time and this will become the ‘new normal’. In accordance with Government guidelines, face to face examinations should be minimised other than for essential examinations, treatments, surgical procedures and post-procedure wound assessments. Elsewhere in the world (especially in the United States, Australia and countries with large travel distances) video consultations have been the norm for some years and minimise travel time, expense and provide a relaxed, non-stressful environment to consult with your surgeon in a private setting. Insurance companies are actively supporting these arrangements too for skin cancer assessments and follow ups.

Face to Face Consultations

All patients attending the clinic for face to face consultations will be sent a COVID screening questionnaire that must be completed prior to the appointment. If any answers to this questionnaire raise any “red flags” or concerns, you will be contacted and if necessary, the appointment re-arranged.

In addition, we would kindly request that any patient attending the Banwell Clinic for an appointment arrives wearing a face mask or the nose and mouth covered. We would also request that you attend your appointment alone so we can minimise the number of people in the building at any one time. Please therefore arrive for your appointment on time and we apologise in advance if we have to turn you away if the restricted waiting areas are full.

Alcohol gel stations will be available for you to use on arrival and departure from the clinic and please note that other strict protocols may also be in effect.

The clinic rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and wiped down between each appointment and at the end of each day, and Staff members of the Hospitals will be wearing appropriate PPE as set out by Public Health England and other authoritative bodies.

We realise that these new arrangements will take some time getting used to but nevertheless we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Protocol for Patients attending The Banwell Clinic

  • Patients to complete screening questionnaire within 48 hrs of appointment
  • If screening questionnaire is OK, patients can attend – Alert is raised if red flag answer
  • If screening questionnaire raises an anomaly the patient will be discussed and risk assessed on a case by case basis including phone call to patient
  • Outcomes might be either to allow patient to attend, to postpone appointment for a further 1-2 weeks or to advise the patient to seek medical attention prior to re-booking.
  • All patients are asked to wear a face-mask for face to face clinic attendance
  • All patients are to attend alone
  • Patient to be provided with alcohol hand gel for use on arrival
  • Ideally patient will proceed immediately to the consultation room on arrival
  • If patient is required to sit in waiting room, patient will be directed to a specific seat by the Reception Staff (seat to be wiped down after use)
  • Patient to wear mask throughout time in clinic – only to be removed if necessary for clinical examination or treatment
  • Patients to use alcohol hand gel on departure


Is your clinic safe following the COVID-19 outbreak?

We are working hard to keep you safe. The wellbeing and satisfaction of our patients is of the utmost importance to us. As such, we have put strong processes in place to ensure your visit is safe.

  • All our clinical staff will be screened for COVID-19.
  • Any member of staff who develops symptoms or tests positive for the disease (or if someone they live with develops symptoms or tests positive), will not be permitted to enter the clinic.
  • Mr Banwell and his Team only work in CQC registered establishments and as such they have extensive experience with infection prevention measures and clinical protocols. Universal precautions are taken throughout the hospital and all staff have extensive training in infection prevention.
  • Our clinical staff will be wearing appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE), including masks, eye protection and gloves when they see you in person.

Your experience may feel a little different to previous times, but your treatment outcome will be of the highest quality as always and all our team will ensure your visit is an enjoyable one, nonetheless.

Despite the fact that significant progress has been made in reducing the number of COVID infections in the UK, when you next visit The Banwell Clinic the virus will most likely still be present in our local communities to varying degrees.


If you, or anyone who lives with you, have symptoms related to COVID-19, please do not come to the clinic. These symptoms primarily include a dry cough and/or a temperature of 37.8°C or more. Other symptoms of the disease are less frequent but may affect you.

These include a loss of the sense of taste or smell, fatigue, confusion, sore throat, skin changes, vomiting and diarrhoea. However, we recommend that you inform your Doctor or Therapist at the earliest opportunity if you develop ANY symptoms of feeling unwell.

If you, your partner/spouse or another person who lives with you tests positive for COVID-19 on a PCR (Antigen) test, even if asymptomatic, please do not come to the clinic. The PCR test is the one in which swabs are taken from your mouth and nose.

How do I book an appointment? Please remember that online video consultations will be recommended in the first instance in accordance with government and national association guidelines.

Opening Date of The Banwell Clinic

We are re-opening our clinics from 15th June. We shall be spacing/staggering our treatments and appointment times in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

What safety measures do you have in place for when I visit a clinic?

  • The Banwell Clinic has a number of bespoke safety measures in place to protect patients and our staff whilst attending our clinics.
  • We shall be restricting clinic access to our patients only.
  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes outside your agreed designated appointment time to enable us to effectively manage the number of patients in the clinic at any one time.
  • Multiple hand sanitiser gel points will be available upon entry to the clinic and before entering one of the consultation rooms.
  • Masks will be available for you where appropriate and will also be worn by all staff you may encounter whilst attending the clinic.
  • Robust cleaning schedules will be in place for all contact points to include door handles, light switches, toilets and other surfaces and areas.
  • Our medical practitioners will adhere to the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), particularly when undertaking any patient examinations and / or tests.
  • We will ask you to observe the 2-metre distance rule where possible and will ask for BACS transfer in advance or credit card payments only.
  • Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

What happens if I develop symptoms close to my appointment or procedure?

If you, or anyone who lives with you, have symptoms related to COVID-19, please do not come to the clinic. These symptoms primarily include a dry cough and/or a temperature of 37.8°C or higher. Other symptoms of the disease are less frequent but may affect you. These include a loss of the sense of taste or smell, fatigue, confusion, sore throat, vomiting and diarrhoea. However, we recommend that you inform a member of our reception team at the earliest opportunity if you develop ANY symptoms of feeling unwell. Please remember that you will need to fill out a questionnaire before

I have had COVID-19, can I go ahead with treatment?

Depending on the procedure, you may be tested for COVID-19, regardless of the fact you may have had it. This is to ensure the safety of staff and other patients.

Anyone who has had COVID-19, should follow government advice on the required time of self-isolation.

What aftercare will be available following my procedure during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Every procedure has a specific aftercare regime associated to it which will be clearly explained at the time of consultation.

Are you registered with the CQC?

The Banwell Clinic is committed to providing the highest quality treatments and patient care and work within premises registered with the Care Quality Commission.