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More and more men are deciding to up their game when it comes to looking youthful! Like women, men now acknowledge that wrinkles and sagging skin make them appear older and more tired than they feel and are seeking treatments to look rejuvenated and feel more confident about their appearance….we have certainly noticed this at the Banwell Clinic. There are hundreds of ‘lotions and potions’ and treatments that promise to soothe away the years, rest assured, here at the Banwell Clinic we only offer treatments with proven outcomes and predictable results. We are experienced in adapting treatments for the male patient and understand the differences between male and female skin. You can’t do anything to stop getting older but you can take steps to prevent the signs of ageing.
Men typically want a look that is rested, relaxed and comfortable, whilst retaining masculinity and character. They want to look good for their age not ’over done’ Treatment is aimed at rebalancing features ….not changing them. A bespoke and detailed management plan might include a combination of minimally invasive treatments with little down time such as dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing treatments, skin tightening/lifting and medical grade skincare.
So if you’ve been thinking about softening those lines, replacing a little lost volume or would like a subtle lift, come and have a chat with one of our Nurses or Aestheticians about a non surgical treatment that’s right for you!