Advanced medical-grade skin care (otherwise known as cosmeceuticals) represent a group of skin products with active ingredients that can improve the function and appearance of the skin. This includes preventing premature ageing, treating acne, reducing pigmentation, improving fine lines and increasing clarity and luminosity of the skin.

They contain active ingredients at high concentrations to ensure excellent results. These products fall into the area between over the counter cosmetics (OTCs) and prescription-only medicines (POMs). As with all things in life, there are good products and not so good products.

Skincare in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London

Mr Banwell and his team, based in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London, recommend you obtain your products from Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Doctors who have the expertise in using and ‘prescribing’ cosmeceutical regimes. A careful skin assessment and a tailored skin care programme can  improve your complexion dramatically and at the Banwell Clinic we also offer computerised skin analysis to monitor your progress. Interestingly, cosmeceuticals not only help reverse the effects of ultraviolet radiation (termed ‘photorejuvenation’) but they are also play a crucial role in protecting your skin against skin cancer (termed ‘immunophotoprotection’ or ‘immunoprotection’). For further information on cosmeceuticals see and

Key concepts in effective skincare

Optimal skin care and skin health need not be complicated and when used as a long-term strategy it can help treat major skin conditions. In particular, Mr Banwell and his Practice (The Banwell Clinic are big advocates of advanced skin care products which are of premium quality and have been developed with a scientific approach by identifying key features required for skin health.

Expert Comment

“One of our passions at the Banwell Clinic is educating patients about skin health and the benefits of cosmeceutical skin care – we genuinely believe we can help make a difference to our patients’ skin.”

Mr Banwell

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