The main treatment regime used for wrinkle reducing is botulinum toxin. Botox® is one of the many trade names for Botulinum Toxin A – a liquefied protein that has been safely used by the medical profession for many years. It is widely used in cosmetic medicine to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, mainly to the periocular region (eye laughter lines), forehead and glabellar (between the eyes). Botulinum toxin is the most popular cosmetic intervention worldwide and whilst it is used mainly to relax facial muscles it can also be used for other indications too such hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) and headaches.

Botulinum toxin is a popular, simple and effective treatment.

Small quantities of Botox® are injected into selected facial muscles. This relaxes the muscles, thereby causing smoothing out of the skin above and minimises creases, lines and wrinkles. Botox® is commonly used on the forehead and around the eyes. However, it can be used on other areas, such as the neck, mouth, nose and hands. Used over a period of time it can also stop new wrinkles from forming.

In expert hands

The team at The Banwell Clinic is highly experienced in administering botulinum toxin (Botox®) injections to help reduce wrinkles. We focus on creating natural results that subtly make the face appear fresher and more youthful, without the need for surgery. We do not like the ‘over-done’ look and so work with you to create a natural, healthy appearance. ‘Baby botox’ can often be used for those new to the treatment and uses smaller amounts. In contrast, ‘Brotox’ a term for Botox use in men, often requires larger amounts of product to have the desired effect.

Anti-wrinkle injections are a quick and simple procedure and you should begin to see results after a couple of days.

Expert Comment

“Botulinum toxin is one of the commonest and successful cosmetic treatments worldwide. We love this treatment and pride ourselves on the natural results that can be achieved.”

Mr Banwell

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Prices Start at £190

The cost of Wrinkle Reducing Treatments at The Banwell Clinic depends on how many areas are being treated