PhotoGenic Facials

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As well as resting our minds and body, sleep is also when our skin heals and repairs. Step 6 of Rationale Skin Care Essential Six works synergistically with DNA repair enzymes to target damaged DNA and nurture cellular regeneration processes. DNA Reactivating Night Cream is a triple Vitamin A complex containing Retinol, Retinaldehyde and Retinyl Palmitate in a slow release lipid rich cream formula for overnight rejuvenation and repair. This revolutionary isotropic formulation is ideal for all skin types (especially Rosacea and sensitive skin) as it has a low irritant profile and precisely targets the active ingredients to give an unprecedented level of efficacy and elegance.  So if you are looking for firmer, brighter, more resilient skin, do come and see us at the Banwell Clinic to discuss further…skin is our inspiration!

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