Many people have moles and the vast majority are completely harmless. However, the incidence of skin cancer is rising every year and moles should therefore be checked regularly to detect any causes for concern.

Be ‘mole-aware’

At The Banwell Clinic we offer a comprehensive mole checking service to accurately assess your moles and rapidly diagnose any problems. This is particularly important if you have noticed any changes in your moles; you have lived abroad in a hot country; have had episodes of sunburn; or have a family history of skin cancer.

Please make an appointment immediately if you notice any of the following changes in one or more of your moles:

  • Change in size.
  • Change in colour.
  • Change in shape or outline.
  • Larger moles (>7mm).
  • Moles that bleed.
  • Moles that crust.
  • Asymmetry.

If you are worried about any of the above, please contact The Banwell Clinic today.

With short waiting times and a highly trained team of practitioners, we can offer reassurance and expedite treatment if required.


Expert Comment

“As part of our Banwell Clinic Skin Health programme, we believe mole checks are extremely important and provide much-needed peace of mind for our patients and their families.”

Alison, Team member, The Banwell Clinic

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The cost of Mole Checks at The Banwell Clinic depends on how many areas are being treated