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Why skinade targeted solution? Why do you need to try it?

Skinade targeted solution is bought to you by the same company that bought you the multi-award winning collagen drink (which we here at The Banwell Clinic love!). They have now created three targeting solutions for the face and body.

The three new targeted solutions are:
  • Cellulite
  • Skin clear
  • Derma defense A&D

Skinade targeted solutions offer results driven approach – feeding our skin from the inside out. So do you suffer with Acne, Cellulite or wanting to feel rejuvenated with smoother and more hydrated skin? Look no further one of these targeted solutions that Mr Banwell highly recommends could be the one for you!

Clear Targeted Skin solution

This is an internal skin care that comes with a two step approach because this is an internal supplement it will work on blemishes all over the body not just your face and neck. A drinkable sachet which is highly absorbed and a slow delivering capsule – these are both to be taken together, for the best results!

Skinade Clear targeted solutions is working on regulating hormonal imbalances, reducing inflammation, regulating excess oil production, detoxifying the dermal layers of the skin and boosting the immune system. Strengthening these functions are important as they will be key in preventing break out prone skin.

Will I like the flavour?

Flavoured with bromelain containing pineapple to help reduce scarring and the natural flavours of passion fruit, it offers a pleasant tasting, convenient and highly effective addition to your daily skincare regime.

Try Skinade Clear targeted solutions today for a more balanced, less inflamed, clearer and healthier looking skin! Results are amazing after a 90day supply!



Cellulite Targeted Skin solution

Specifically created to target issues associated with and leading to cellulite. It improves circulation, metabolism, skin elasticity and the integrity of the dermal matrix and septae to prevent fat hypertrophy. A liquid and sachet form that needs to be mixed together to activate. Drinking this daily will in turn giveyou firmer, smoother, more even looking skin with a reduction seen with dimpling often associated with the ‘orange-peel’ like appearance attributed with cellulite.

Derma Defense A&D Boost Targeted Skin solution

This solution protects your skin daily; protecting, rejuvenating, smoothing and leaving the skin highly hydrated. Its main ingredients being Vitamin A and D.


Vitamin A, also known as Retinol, stimulates natural skin cell renewal, elasticity and hydration. Vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin”, in combination with Vitamin A, shields, rejuvenates and repairs the skin. This liquid formulation promotes high absorption and bioavailability for optimal results. After a 90 day supply of Derma Defense you will visibly see Skin Hydration, Increased moisture levels, More Even Looking Skin, Reduced Pigmentation and Healthier Looking Skin.

To find out more on the above Solutions call 01342 330302 or email where we can give you more information.