Lip Augmentation Treatment at The Banwell Clinic

Stage 2: Lip Augmentation Treatment. EMLA pre treatment to make things comfortable and 0.55ml of Juvederm Smile used. Our Aesthetic Nurse Judi offers complimentary consultations for all her patients, to talk through treatments and answer questions. Judi ensures her patients have all the information needed to make an informed decision. Judi’s calm and friendly treatment… Read more »

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Our Aesthetic Nurse Judi talks about caring for your skin!

This month we are beginning to wake up to beautiful sunshine, we want to feel beautiful and have beautiful skin. One person’s idea of beauty will always be different to another’s which is why we should always concentrate on health as well as beauty. Feeling good about ourselves is important and we should concentrate on… Read more »

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Modern art meets skin science

Great to see Modern Art installations have sought reference and inspiration from the latest skin science and cosmetic medicine formulations!

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