Enzyme Reactivators

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Consultant Plastic Surgeon and internationally-known skin expert, Paul Banwell, discusses the role of chemical peels.

Cosmetic Peels have been a mainstay of medical skin treatment for more than a century. Various organic peeling agents such as lactic or salicylic acid, are applied to the skin to bring about rejuvenation of sun damaged or acne prone skin.

It is commonly believed that chemical peels break down the protein bonds that keep superficial skin cells sticking to the surface. These excess cells cause the dry, lifeless appearance and texture of sun damaged skin; they are also a cause of blocked pores leading to blackheads and pimples.

Traditionally, medical-strength chemical peels caused considerable downtime, such as redness, peeling and inflammation, but modern skincare consumers are looking for a more gentle approach. Enter the era of the Cosmetic Peel, led by cosmeceutical companies such as Rationale Skincare, whose Enzyme Reactivator System is the choice of the UK’s leading medical specialists.

Cosmetic Peels are mostly performed for skin rejuvenation https://drbgroup.com.au/buy-cheap-ventolin-inhalers/ and on-going maintenance, replacing other forms of facial treatment amongst discerning beauty consumers. They are best performed by medical professionals – either plastic surgeons, dermatologists or cosmetic physicians.

Mr Paul Banwell, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Banwell Clinic, McIndoe Centre (in East Grinstead) recommends regular Cosmetic Peels for virtually every patient. “They help keep skin in top condition when combined with the right daily advanced skincare routine”, Mr Banwell says. “They are an on-going part of maintaining healthy skin for a lifetime.”

Cosmetic Chemist and Director of Rationale Skincare, Richard Parker, explains that different peeling agents are helpful for specific skin conditions. “For younger, sun damaged skin with a few monthly breakouts, we recommend Lactic Acid, which is effective but mild. For a more drier, more mature skin, Pyruvic Acid has more of an energising effect.” The choice of which peeling agent to apply is made by a doctor based on each skin’s unique needs.

The benefits of chemical peels are many, including https://drbgroup.com.au/zovirax-prescription-or-over-the-counter/ a softer, more hydrated skin surface, a luminous glow and clearance of blotchy brown pigmentation and breakouts.

For more expert advice from Mr Banwell and his team or for a computerised skin analysis and assessment please email help@banwellclinic.com or phone 01342 330302.