Catalyst GelCreme

Essential six booster Catalyst GelCreme is a radiance boosting formula. Reactivating skin clarity, luminosity and hydration. Skin looks and feels renewed, resurfaced and deeply luminous.

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New Catalyst Cleanser

Catalyst Cleanser purifies, balances and brightens skin day to day. With skin refining enzymes and super hydrating peptides.

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New Immunologist UltraCreme

Immunologist UltraCreme instantly boosts hydration with an isotropic complex of Ceramides and Lipids, whilst firming the skin and increasing elasticity.

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Acne and congestion

Congestion and Acne – do’s & don’ts

Congestion and acne Congestion can affect many of us. It is mainly caused by bacteria and an over production of sebum presenting itself on the skin causing comedones also commonly known as blackheads.

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Mr Banwell demonstrating the weight difference between B-Lite implants and traditional implants

B-Lite breast implants FIQ’s

B-Lite breast implants are the newest technology of lightweight implants. But what does that mean?… One of our most frequently asked questions surrounding B-Lite implants.

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