UV Photoprotection

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UVA recognition and protection

UVA is present in daylight all year round. It has the ability to penetrate cloud and even glass. Making up to 95% of the suns rays and is more capable of damaging the deeper layers of the skin than UVB rays.

UVA rays contribute to up to 80% of skin ageing and it’s so important we protect ourselves from them. The exposure to UVA rays should never be underestimated, even in the UK. For those who enjoy jetting off skiing or winter sports it’s even more important to protect the skin then because UV risk is almost doubled. So don’t let snowy conditions fool you.

To protect the skin an SPF should be worn every single day. Not only will this protect the skin it will help prevent sun damage which could lead to skin cancer but also skin ageing which includes, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

SPF’s come in many forms one of our firm favourites at The Banwell Clinic being a superfluid. Rationales B3T superfluid is SPF 50+ and is super light weight and silky on the skin so you can wave good bye to the thick, greasy sunscreens.

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