SPF Superfluids Exclusive

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Mr Banwell believes new SPF ‘superfluids’ are destined to revolutionise photoprotective skin care formulations. “These near-zero viscosity microemulsions create ultrathin films over the skin,” says Mr Banwell. “This amazing technology developed in Australia (they lead the world in sunscreen technology) enables double the SPF protection with half the amount of actives. A small amount of superfluid can therefore go a very long way and give incredible SPF coverage.”

Truly a world breakthrough in sunscreen technology, Rationale Skin Care’s B3-T is a photoprotective agent effective against the entire Solar Constant . The Solar Constant refers to the total dosage of solar radiation that reaches the earth , and is made up of Visible Light (50%), Infrared (43%) & UltraViolet radiation (7%).

Interestingly, the process of registering a sunscreen with the Australian regulators (the TGA) requires the most rigorous SPF stability and microbial testing in the world so this is no mean feat for completely new technology! We are therefore delighted that patients from The Banwell Clinic can now experience this technology first hand.