Rationale Skin Care

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A wonderful patient story we received this week about Rationale Skincare:


About 10 years ago I started to notice that my Sister was looking somewhat more youthful….I even began to wonder if she’d had something ‘done’! She assured me that it was just a new skincare regime she had started to use, formulated by Rationale which is the premiere skincare range in Australia prescribed by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists.

I was intrigued as I also have a home in Australia and sure enough I started to notice editorials in Vogue magazine etc. raving about the products. If what it said was true, then I certainly wasn’t going to miss out and my Sister knows a thing or two about skincare so I wanted what she was using!

I decided to use all of the Essential Six products (but apparently you don’t have to use them all to notice a difference) and within 2 weeks my skin certainly felt smoother and more hydrated. Over the following months I noticed my skin was calmer and less pigmented. My fine lines were softer and my skin looked healthy and luminous….even my husband noticed! Whilst I could see the rejuvenation, I also knew that I was doing everything possible to protect my skin against further damage.

I would absolutely recommend this superb skincare range which I have been using for 10 years (from time to time, products have been reformulated giving even better results) and I would never use anything else. For me, the star product is called Catalyst (no.5.)  Truly amazing, it refines your skin, leaving it silky and incredibly luminous…..put it on your wish list now!



To find out more about the Rationale Skincare range and the Essential Six please do not hesitate to contact us on 01432 330302 email us rationale@banwellclinic.com or take a look online HERE