Skin care tips and tricks

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Do you need skin care tips and tricks, to benefit your skincare regime more?Here are some tips and tricks that will change your skin regime and give you an understanding behind the importance of the steps.

Consistency is key

When looking after your skin consistency really is key. It doesn’t matter which concern you are focusing on or skin type; there is nothing more effective or important than consistency. Looking after your skin is much like going to the gym, if you only step foot in the gym a couple of times here and there you won’t notice any changes. It is much the same with the skin, nothing will repair damage over night especially long term skin damage (sun damage). You need to have a good skin care regime and to be consistent. If no concerns are present remember a skin care regime can be used as a preventative, your future you will thank you!

Layer your skin care

Our skincare RATIONALE has a specific order step 1, step 2 and step 3 for the morning and step 4, step 5 and step 6 for the evening. With a few boosters which can be added in for extra benefits. These are all to be layered. The general rules are to apply the most light weight formula so they can be easily absorbed without the barrier of a heavier product. If you change this routine without being prescribed to do so you are disenabling them from doing their job.

Having a Facial in Clinic

Maintaining a regular facial in clinic will not only enhance what you are currently doing at home for your skin but also your aesthetician can let you know of any changes that need to be made to your regime to give you better results.

Try a Face Mask

A face mask can have an immediate effect on the skin it can boost your glow for an event or even just the week ahead. We call it the feel good factor with RATIONALE’s immunologist mask. The immunologist mask is an intensely hydrating luxurious home treatment.

Use a sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must, this should be used daily. 80% of skins ageing is caused by the sun. UVA rays are present all year round, these rays are associated with skin ageing (premature ageing). With this in mind an SPF will not only benefit you now but also the future you!

Incorporate Facial massage

Massaging your face will promote oxygen and blood flow in our skin. This will increase collagen and elastin production. You will enhance your product absorption and get a natural healthy glow.

Healthy Gut

Yes! A healthy gut really is important for healthy skin. If you have an unhealthy gut this really can effect the skins appearance. It can flare a skin concern up more such as; break outs, rosacea and eczema. You can manage this by your diet cutting out sugar, taking an intolerance test or adding vitamins/nutraceuticals into your regime.

Include your neck and Dècolletage

The neck and dècolletage (just below your neckline ending at your cleavage) are often missed. They are just as important as your face, so be sure to bring your products all the way down. Your neck and dècolletage are actually the first place to show any sign of ageing.

Leave your breakouts

Avoid touching your skin as a general, as you will only be spreading bacteria further resulting in more breakouts. Do not pop or squeeze a pimple this won’t get rid of your problem. Squeezing in fact pushes the bacteria deeper within the skin causing more swelling and redness. Squeezing can also lead to scarring or pitting of the skin.

Always remove your make up

Removing your make up is an important step before bed or even the gym!  If make up is not removed before you sleep this can cause damage during the night. Our skin renews itself during the night, if we sleep in our make-up you are preventing this from happening. The skin cannot breathe resulting in skin fatigue. If your makeup is not removed prior to the gym this will cause your pores too clog.

The list can go on, if you would like more skin tips and tricks to improve your skin care regime please do not hesitate to contact us or come in for a complimentary skin consultation. We love seeing the results when clients include these steps into their routine and they notice the changes.

We really do care about your skin!