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What are Ceramides? Are they really beneficial in my skin care routine?


Ceramides are very much a buzz word at the moment. Being something we have championed for many years – with our skin care RATIONALE.

Ceramides make up 50% of the skins function

Let’s talk Ceramides!

Ceramides are lipids that help form the skins barrier and help the skin lock in moisture. They protect our skin from environmental aggressors, pollution and irritants. Without them the skins barrier may function less effectively leading to dry, irritated and itchy skin.

Ceramides are naturally derived from our own skin, a loss of ceramides whether from ageing, overuse of exfoliating, harsh soaps, extreme weather conditions and other environmental factors which strip the skin from its protective barrier. Ceramides are an integral part of healthy skin barrier function. They increase the moisture content of the skin. Improving the stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin) functions and preventing trans epidermal water loss.

Why do you need to use Ceramides on your skin, if your skin already contains them?

Ageing process and sun damage breaks down the skin’s natural ceramides which again can lead to weakening your skins barrier function. This will make your skin appear more aged, dry, rough, dehydrated and red.

This is why having good skin care and knowledge is important. We can reverse the damage we have coursed with a good cleansing routine . A ceramide cream is beneficial for all skin types even the most sensitive, break-out prone or oily skin. You can use up to and on the eye area to remove eye make-up if the product is fragrance free.

At The Banwell Clinic we have seen the benefits that cermaides have on the skin, a cleanser you should try! This cleanser will gently cleanse away surface debris and make-up whilst replenishing intercellular lipids to optimise healthy barrier function. We stock Rationale ProCeramide at the Banwell clinic which Mr Banwell highly recommends

If you want to add focus to hydration and luminosity into your skincare routine. Call us today on 01342 330 302 or email You can get more information on our medical skincare RATIONALE or you can get booked in for a complimentary skin consultation with our aesthetician Addie.