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Profhilo In A Nutshell


Profhilo is a revolutionary, multi award winning treatment made from 100% Non-cross linked Hyaluronic acid.

This form of hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in our body. Profhilo is extremely results driven and ranks as “top quality” in terms of purity and safety. This incredible treatment is intended for tissue re-modelling, promoting a healthier and radiant skin, improving skin laxity, deeply hydrates and results in a more youthful appearance.


Profhilo Is usually injected into the skin in 5 pin point injections on each side of the face. Now with new revolutionary plasma shower technology, we can perform profhilo NEEDLELESS using the plasma BT machine.



Why Is Profhilo Different?


Different from traditional fillers that offer volume, Profhilo’s molecule makeup allows the product to spread up to 2cm under the skin. As a result of this, It gives an even stimulation of collagen and elastin, a subtle lifting effect and glowing healthy skin. Once in the skin, it spreads feely into the dermis, interacting with tissue, causing regeneration of tissue and stimulating collagen and elastin. The skin should appear smoother and have a more youthful appearance within 6 weeks of treatment.


Once administered, it spreads freely in the dermis, interacting with the tissue and causing it to regenerate, by stimulating your own production of collagen and elastin. The result of this is a tighter and more youthful appearance.

Who Is it For?

Pretty much everyone concerned with ageing!


  • Profhilo is great for anyone around 30+ that is beginning to see skin changes or fine lines and wrinkles are appearing, but possibly are not ready for fillers.
  • Anyone who is concerned with de-hydration, or feels they have sluggish skin in need of radiance, it will give them a deep dermal hydration and an ultimate glow!
  • Profhilo is a fantastic treatment for someone who may have a lot of skin laxity, or aged skin in need of skin quality treatments. Alongside dermal fillers to add volume, the results are amazing!


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