Is your skin sensitive or sensitized?

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Do you have sensitive or sensitised skin and do you know the difference?Sensitive skin and Sensitised skin are two different skin conditions. Sensitive skin is a skin type. Sensitized is a skin concern.


Your skin will display signs of irritation and dryness. It could be painful, flaky and inflamed. This type of skin can be difficult to treat when looking for a skin care regime. So what causes sensitive skin I hear you ask; the truth is, a truly sensitive skin is causes by our genes, it is in our DNA. Clients with this skin type tend to suffer with other skin conditions such as: eczema, rosacea and dermatitis. They may also have other non skin related sensitivities like asthma or an allergy.

If you have sensitive skin the top layer of the skin is thought to be thinner which will lead to an impaired barrier function. When the barrier function is impaired the skin displays skin conditions (mentioned above). Sensitive skin needs to be treated correctly and a medical skin care would be highly recommended. We use RATIONALE which is an isotropic skin care (every formulation being skin identical) and is completely preservative free.  Sensitive skin can not be completely repaired as its in our genes, butit can be kept at bay with the correct product use and regular consultations.

Is your skin sensitive or sensitized?


Unlike sensitive skin this is not in our DNA. Sensitized skin is caused by your lifestyle choices, environmental factors and product choices.

Sensitized skin will still display similar signs to someone with sensitive skin; dry, dehydrated and itchy. A lot of people will say they have sensitive skin but they actually are sensitized to their lifestyle choices. You can repair sensitized skin by working on the broken down barrier function. So what internal and external factors break down our skins barrier function? over exfoliation, medication (change of medication), diet, water intake, free radicals, incorrect product use and excessive sun exposure. A lot of people with sensitized skin will have chronically damaged their barrier function over months and years.

Treating Sensitive and Sensitised skin

When it comes to treating both skin conditions it is much the same they both need gentle, hydrating and sun protectant products. A daily antioxidant and SPF is crucial for all skin types and conditions. An SPF that not only protects the skin from solar damage but also protects against environmental agressors.

If you would like more information on both of these skin conditions or would like a skin prescription made specifically for you and your skin needs, please contact us at The Banwell Clinic.