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Our wonderful patient co-ordinator Amy introducing the new B-Lite implants. We strive to offer our patients the best options and the newest technology. Mr Banwell was selected as one of the first surgeons to offer B-Lite implants. We are all extremely excited to soon be stocking these super light weight implants!

A few facts about B-Lite implants;

  • B-Lite Lightweight breast implants are CE approved.
  • These implants are the product of 10 years of research, development and extensive testing.
  • The design enables considerably reduced implant weight of up to 30% less than traditional silicone breast implants. All while still maintaining the desired shape, feel and volume of the augmented breast.
  • B-Lite breast implants are the world’s only lightweight breast implants.

To find out more about B-Lite lightweight breast implants we would be more than happy to help with any questions and to book a consultation Visit Your URL.