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Have you ever thought why am I suffering with acne now I’m an adult? Isn’t this something that goes with adolescence.

Facts on Adult Acne

Approximately 80% of people aged 11 to 30 are effected by acne. It can even effect you right up to 50/menopausal. Although we can find acne embarrassing and can become so self conscious of the issue; you need to know adult acne is actually quite common.

So why do we get adult acne? Why do some grow out of it? and why are some of us not suffering until much later than expected?

The cause of adult acne is much the same as what causes teen acne:

  • excess oil
  • bacteria
  • changes in hormones; pregnancy/menstruation/menopausal

But other possible triggers are; smoking, cosmetic use, stress, taking certain medications and poor diet. Acne can be hereditary – so if a parent had acne your at higher risk.

How can we treat Acne?

  • Get help from skin/medical experts
  • Write down the frequency of breakouts
  • Strict/Beneficial skin regime for your skin concern
  • Using Vitamin A
  • Don’t aggravate acne by – picking/squeezing/scratching/over exfoliating
  • Check your diet


Here at The Banwell Clinic we offer a holistic but results driven approach to skin concerns. We sympathise with how acne can effect you mentally and emotionally. Come and have a 1-2-1 detailed complimentary skin consultation with our Aesthetician. You’ll get a skin care plan/regime tailored specifically for your concerns.

Using our skin brand Rationale – we are the only stockists in Europe, treatments such as Plasma shower and Supplements – Accumax from Advanced nutrition programme. You’ll notice dramatic changes to your skin and support along this journey for improved skin.

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