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Dry skin-


Affecting many of us and especially at this time of year. There are a number of contributing factors, it can be down to dehydration and also lack of moisture in the skin. As well as the weather and other environmental contributions. The appearance can present itself with the skin being flaky, feeling rough to touch and feeling tight.

To help prevent dry skin it is very important to keep it well moisturised. A moisturiser should be used both morning and evening. This will help to hydrate the skin cells which will not only help the skin feel more comfortable for the day but help improve the skin in the long term as well.

When the skin is dry and to prevent it in the future from becoming dry we also need to help increase cell turn over to do this exfoliation needs to take place. This helps to get rid of any dry skin on the surface that may appear. Cell turn over helps with the texture of the skin and its general appearance it should look brighter and fresher. As the dead skin cells are removed from the skin it also means products that are applied to the skin including your moisturisers will work better ask they can reach the new skin cells increasing the benefit from the products.

So, onto the repair.

Treatments can vary person to person, often recommended is Microdermabrasion to help remove the top layer of dead skin cells and improve surface texture( with the added benefit of targeting blackheads). Microdermabrasion, whilst being effective is not too harsh for the skin as dryness can often leave it feeling sensitive.

Immunologist Ultracreme – Super for hydration whilst boosting the skins immunity to protect by reinforcing the barrier and having a calming effect.

Proceremide emulsion preparatory cleanser – Whilst gently cleansing the skin it nourishes with an abundance of lipids to provide essential hydration that your skin is craving.

Catalyst Serum – our go to for resurfacing! Whilst recalibrating acidity levels which help resurface and renew they also stimulate the skin to increase hydration.

We would tailor your skin prescription to you specifically!

Now to protect, whilst the products above are essential to repair they are also essential to protection, keeping your skin in the best condition possible to stay healthy all year round. In addition to these:

Beautiful Skin Super Fluid SPF50 – whilst providing absolutely crucial protection throughout the day, it doesn’t stop there! This ultralight weight superfluid transcends foundation and provides a luminous coverage, avoiding the cake feeling most foundations leave when you’re battling with dry skin!

As we mentioned, treatments and products can vary from person to person.

To find out more, and what your skin needs to help feel free to booking in for a complimentary skin consultation.

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