Computerised Skin Analysis

Computerised Skin Analysis at The Banwell Clinic

We are pleased to offer computerised skin analysis at our state-of-the-art boutique skin clinic to help you understand your skin and to identify the best products and treatments for your needs. Following a detailed history, one of our expert skin team will analyse the structure of your skin and degree of ‘microrelief’ (= degree of wrinkling!), vascularity, porphyrin content, the degree of sun damage and the degree of oil flow. This enables a bespoke approach and an individualised treatment plan.
Computerised Skin Analysis

3D SkinMed – Latest Non-Surgical Facelifting

Mr Banwell, The Director of The Banwell Clinic and his Team are national leaders in the latest non-surgical face-lifting technology called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Loved by Hollywood actors and actresses, HIFU has gained immense popularity across the Pond and is now available in the UK – it is known as SkinMed. The technology addresses skin tightening at several different layers within the skin and requires a single, one-off treatment on a yearly basis! There is no down-time and progressive effects are seen for up to 3 months.
Dawn Ward – the Star of Real Housewives of Cheshire
Mr Banwell is seen here at the launch at The Academy of Medical Sciences with the Face of SkinMed, Dawn Ward – the Star of Real Housewives of Cheshire.
Friend and winner of The Apprentice, Dr Leah Totten
Mr Banwell is also shown with friend and winner of The Apprentice, Dr Leah Totten.