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10 Q&A with award winning facialist and author Abigail James, on “HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SKINCARE REGIME”


  1. How important is a good skincare regime to you?
    It makes all the difference, especially if you want results. Your facialist can carry out effective treatments, but you also need to keep the skin healthy between treatments by using products. Certain ingredients and formulations can help to speed cell turnover, support pigmentation , reduce breakouts, protect from environmental factors and allow for long term results.
  2. What are your top tips for patients with acne?
    Firstly lets check in on hormones, lifestyle and diet. I usually recommend to step away from high-street skincare brands, you need something professional in your routine, cut out the unnecessary synthetic fragrances and colourants. Add in some salicylic acid and get some retinols involved.
  3.  Do you believe that nutrition and environmental factors have a big impact on your skin?
    Definitely! I know not all practitioners do, but I have been working with clients for over 15 years and I have hands on experiences of individuals who make changes, not just to their skincare regime and they see the results.
  4. What do you recommend for dark circles?
    A tricky one, it can be genetic, diet, lifestyle, but choosing skincare that will support the blood capillaries within the skin, which is what’s dilating and giving the appearance of dark circles, ingredients such as vitamin K can really help with this Along with a good concealer!
  5. What is your favourite thing to do, to get your skin looking so glowing and bright?
    Peels and micro-needling, they work every time! Along with ditching the coffee and alcohol, not always so easy to do! Also, Increasing your greens intake through diet and supplements.
  6. You are the author of “Love Your Skin” in 2017 and you have a huge following for your skin and nutrition knowledge, what are some of your top tips you can share with us?
    If you want visible results, you need a good routine, start bringing serums into your day to day skincare regime, these are the powerhouses of your skincare.
    – Don’t underestimate what a good face treatment can achieve, for immediate and long term goals
    – Protect your face daily with an SPF all year round
    – Step away as much as you can from refined sugars and processed foods in your diet
    – Just because a product works for your best friend doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best product for you
    – Your skin is changing so should your routine as we age
  7. What is the best weekly treatment you can do to your skin?   
    At home face massage, I absolutely love it! It really wakes the face up, especially when combined with an at home mask.
  8. How important is using an SPF daily to you?
    To me this is one of the skincare laws, you must use one daily, all year round on your face.
  9. Do you believe in massaging your skin daily?
  10. What are you best “slow down the wrinkles” tricks
    Stay out of the sun (which I don’t do as much as I should)
    – Add retinols into your night routine
    – Peptides are collagen boosters – we need some of these in our home care
    – Big dark glasses to prevent the squint
    – Hyaluronic acid to boost hydration and plump out the skin
    – Low level peels, needling, fractional treatments. All amazing for slowing down the wrinkles!

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