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Have you ever wanted breast surgery?

Left feeling unsure because you hadn’t had a detailed enough consultation, couldn’t visualise what it’d look like or hadn’t met your surgeon at first consult.


About our New 3D Virtual scanner

Been considering breast augmentation to improve the shape, size or positioning of your breasts? Been having doubts because you cant picture the final outcome? Look no further here at The Banwell Clinic we now have 3D Crisalix simulation glasses. Crisalix is the world leading virtual reality 4D and 3D plastic surgery imaging.

We can show you your new body in 4D and 3D helping answer common questions. You will be blown away by it’s technology, by placing in your sizing CC (sizing of implant also referred to as grams) that yourself and Mr Banwell will agree on. We will take your image and carefully place this information in so you can see the virtual results.

All you’ll have to do is look down and you’ll see the end result. The end result can be put into action; running, walking, laying down and more. This can be so important to you if your active or looking for a subtle look.

However, it is important to bare in mind this is a tool to help with sizing – although it is fantastic and all of our patient have found it incredibly reassuring we do always remind you that it is not the exact outcome and just a guide!

Mr Banwell using the lastest technology

Come and see Mr Banwell at The Banwell Clinic he specializes in all aspects of breast surgery. Mr Banwell uses all the latest technology in breast implants and offers his own breast augmentation technique known as ‘HYBA’. Which combines the use of implants and fat transfer whilst enabling the mini-scar technique.

Mr Banwell also uses Motiva – this make of implants are the latest technology – they have a lower rate of capsular contraction of 4%. Motiva also are neo smooth so the risk of ALCL (Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma) is minimal – in fact Motiva have no cases to date. Motiva implants are micro chipped with all the information – meaning easy access to your information should anything happen!

Mr Banwell is also a full member of the British association of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons (BAPRAS), the British association of aesthetic plastic surgeons (BAAPS), the international for aesthetic plastic surgery (ISAPS) and his is also on the specialists register with the GMC as a plastic surgeon.

To have a thorough consultation and to be one step closer to seeing you virtual results call:

The Banwell Clinic 01342 330 302 or email